Move, Laugh, Explore, Flow, Dance, Be Yourself -withJAMISONGOODNIGHT


    Jamison Goodnight has always had a love for movement from a young age and now shares it with the world! She obtained a BFA in Dance Performance at SUNY Purchase while simultaneously acquiring her AA in Business Administration, graduating in 2009.  Directly after her schooling she moved to NYC and worked professionally in her field as a Dance Artist and Instructor. Yoga appeared in her life after a career threatening injury that drastically stunted her movement capability and deeply affected her mental health. Yoga became a saving grace, as it gave her the tools to physically reconnect, the time to quiet intrusive thoughts, and the space to meet her body for what it could offer in that moment in order to repair. Ms. Goodnight fully believes that Mindful Movement, through Yoga, supported the healing process and saved her dance career. 

     Personally feeling the benefits of Yoga first hand, Jamison decided she wanted to expand her knowledge in functional movement and share the practice with others. In 2014 she acquired a 200-RYT Certification, with a Vinyasa focus, followed by a Mentorship under Cindy Lanzas at Yoga Vida. At the same time her dance career began to blossom once again. Currently, Jamison is a Principal Dancer and Animato Dance Art Method instructor with the Nadine Bommer Dance Company. Through teaching Yoga and sharing Nadine’s naturally therapeutic movement language Kinetica, she has had incredible opportunities to bring physical joy to others as they explore their bodies and release their minds. Kenitica is a Movement Language developed by Nadine Bommer and an imparative part of her Animato Dance Art Method. It was originally created for dancers and now has expanded as a nurishing, freeing, and raw exploration for People- to connect deeply to their bodies and find an honest internal understanding.  Always eager to learn more, Jamison has since studied Yin and Meditation as well as deepened her understanding of the Pre and Postnatal body. Through the teachings of movement Jamison looks forward to experiencing the future growth of others.

 "Movement is life! Let's move, let's flow, let's find the joy and beauty in everything that surrounds us. Connect and smile with me from the inside!"- Jamison Goodnight.