Animato Dance Art is a multi layered method, developed by Choreographer Nadine Bommer, exploring self attunement through movement to support the expantion of our minds and bodies. These layers consist of Nevet a Technique, Kinetica a movement language, and Animato Art a choreographic approach. 

Kinetica Movement is an improvisational body language inspired by the endless motion of the sea. In a Kinetica Movement session you will be guided through exercises using fluid, expansive and expressive physicality, imagination and internal listening.  Be empowered and feel how kinetic energy can be used as a tool to carry you through life. These guided sessions will open your mind and body though an improvised moving meditation, offering freedom from judgment and excitement for what is in the present.  Kinetica gives both dancers and untrained movers a step-by-step guide towards finding freedom physically, deepening connection to self/others energetically, and unique lifestyle perspectives mentally.

Transform with us...

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